• 4 Channels (Speakers)
  • ​4 Switched inputs
  • Operates on 6 - 24 vdc
  • 75 Watts x 4 amplification
  • 4-8 Ohms Impedance
  • + or - earth

Stand Alone Audio Control for your Classic Car

Is the stock unit not working or unavailable?  Not a problem.  Out of Sight Audio device can control the car audio system from a hidden location. This allows you to keep the stock look of the classic car, bike, golf cart or boat while using a smart phone or tablet to control the device. This is a great alternative for a secret or hidden audio source for your classic car stereo.

Hidden Car Radio, Stereo, Audio Options
Mark II - Secret Audio Unit
  • 4 Channels (Speakers)
  • ​4 Switched inputs
  • Operates on 12 - 24 vdc
  • 75 Watts x 4 amplification
  • 4-8 Ohms Impedance
  • + or - earth
  • 2 switched RCA preamps

Mark 1 - Secret Audio Unit

Install Mark 1 or 2  on your all terrain vehicle or side by side for a hidden audio, radio, stereo source while retaining the factory look of your car.


Audio Integration with 6v tube radio

Audio Integration with 12v radio

Stand alone with no radio

  • 2 Channels (Speakers)
  • ​2 Switched inputs
  • Operates on 6 - 24 vdc
  • 75 Watts x 2 amplification
  • 4-8 Ohms Impedance
  • + or - earth
  • No car radio required for hidden car radio / stereo
  • Existing car radio need not be in working order
  • Add Bluetooth audio to most existing radios in car
  • Needs not be exposed (No access required)
  • Simple control with smart phone, MP3 player, or tablet
  • Simple alternative to hidden or secret car audio devices
  • Cost effective answer to a classic car audio upgrade
  • Keep your classic look with no dash modification
  • 6 volt - 24 volt & can be used with positive / negative earth 

Install Mark 1 or 2  on your motorcycle for a hidden audio source. We specialize in your custom radio, custom stereo, and customer audio needs.

Bluetooth audio for your classic car



Classic Cars

Hidden Car Audio / Radio / Stereo Integration

Whether you want to upgrade the existing late model car stereo or want a little more out of a classic car's audio system, Out of Sight Audio's device can do this without modifying or altering the stock look or functionality of the existing stereo / audio / radio system. Mark series devices isolate the existing system and allow for modern control though a Bluetooth stereo device in your car.

Blue Tooth Integration or Stand Alone Audio Control for your Car Stereo needs!

Install Mark 1 or 2  into your boat for a clean out of sight solution for Bluetoot Audio integration or install with no stereo at all for a totally hidden audio system.

Don't cut up the dash to install an aftermarket radio for Bluetooth radio capabilities. Install Mark 1 or 2 and integrate directly with the existing sound system. 

Modern Cars

Keep the existing working or non-working stock radio and add the Mark 1 or 2 for a completely hidden, stock look with modern audio Bluetooth stereo capabilities. 

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Don't cut that dash!
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Mark III -Secret Audio Unit